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Procare High Efficiency Watersoluble Fertilizer EDDHA-Fe 6% Micronutrient Element Organic Chelated Iron Fertilizer

Product Name Chelated Iron EDDHA Iron Chelated EDDHA Chelated Iron Fe EDDHA Iron Chelated Chelated Iron Fertilizer Main Ingredient Product Description EDDHA Fe contains microgranular iron chelates and is developed for the correction and prevention of iron deficiency in a wide range of...

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Product Details

Product Name

Chelated Iron

EDDHA Iron Chelated

EDDHA Chelated Iron

Fe EDDHA Iron Chelated

Chelated Iron Fertilizer

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Main Ingredient 





Red Brown Powder/Granular

Red Brown Powder/Granular

       Chelated Percentage


Full chelated







PH Value



Product Description                                                               

EDDHA Fe contains microgranular iron chelates and is developed for the correction and prevention of iron deficiency in a wide range of agricultural and horticultural crops, particularly in alkaline and calcareous soils.







Brief Introduction                                                               

Procare high efficiency watersoluble fertilizer EDDHA-Fe 6% Micronutrient Element Organic Chelated Iron Fertilizer 


Iron chelates are the only effective way of correcting iron deficiency in alkaline soils because they are the only iron compounds stable enough to remain in solution in these conditions.

Chelates are complex organic molecules that are capable of binding to iron so tightly that chemical reactions are prevented. As a result, a supply of soluble, biologically available iron is maintained.

The most suitable of these iron chelates for soil application is EDDHA FE 6% - a well-known iron source to all growers. Unfortunately, not all products described as Fe 6% EDDHA are as effective as they are claimed to be.

One reason for this is the very complex nature of the chelate, which consists of a number of parts called isomers.

Although all of the EDDHA isomers will chelate iron, one is biologically much more efficient than the others: the ortho-ortho isomer.

EDDHA Fe 6% had a high proportion of this isomer providing the rapid response necessary for effective treatment of iron deficiencies.

In addition to the complex chemical structure a major factor in the quality of iron chelates is solubility, essential to ensure maximum availability to the plant.

Application Recommendation                                                                    

EDDHA-Fe 6 works best when crops are not under moisture stress and are supplied with adequate major nutrients.

EDDHA-Fe 6 is most effective when applied at crop stages where demand for iron is most critical and when the crop is most responsive to iron applications.

If this product is to be applied as a liquid either on the soil or on the foliage, it is NOT necessary to pre-mix with a small amount of water. Instead, add this product directly into the solution tank slowly and maintain good agitation. Agitation and stirring should continue until the product is fully dissolved.

As a matter of precaution, for tank-mix applications with other agricultural inputs such as fertilizers and pesticides, it is advisable to prepare a sample mixture of these products to ensure good compatibility before the application.

Product Usage                                                               

EEDHA Fe 6 can be applied around the plants as a powder, liquid spray, and liquid injection or through drip irrigation systems

When applied as a powder, it should be washed in or irrigated with water within 4 hours of application.

When applied as a spray onto the soil, make sure that coarse spray nozzles are used and that adequate volume of water is used to wet the soil thoroughly.

When applied as a soil injection, it should be done at less than 1 meter apart.

General Rates of Application

The rates recommended below represent the upper and lower limits of the range. Actual rate to be applied depends on size of the plant and the level of need as determined by the level of deficiency of iron.


Application Rates

Apples and stone fruits

28g-140g per tree

Citrus, Avocados, Mangoes

Young tree 500g-700g per 100m2
 Mature Tree:200-500g per tree
 Annual maintenance: 100g-150g per tree


3.7g-7.5g per meter of row in a band or as a side dressing

Tomatoes, Cotton, Legumes, vegetables and root    crops

1kg—2kg per hectare as maintenance or 2kg—5kg per hectare    if chlorotic.
 Apply prior to planting or when deficiency symptoms    appear.

Ornamental Shrubs

20g-50g per bush

Applications on tree crops

This product is to be applied in a wide circular band under the full canopy of the tree, regardless of the method of application.

Note: Above application recommendations are under general conditions, your consultation to local agronomists are strong recommended.

Product Features                                                                     

Proven field results show greater yields and larger, healthier plants.

Lowest cost per pound of available ortho / ortho iron.

No messy mixing of dry powders or granluar, choice of powder or granular.

New concentrated suspension simplifies application; improves uniformity.


Keep container well closed, store in a dry, well ventilated place away from sunlight.

The product is hygroscopic and photosensitive. Avoid extremes of temperature.

Package Style                                                                    


25MTS/ 20”FCL without pallet                20MTS/20”FCL with pallet


Shelf Life 


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