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A Method For The Selection Of Amino Acid Organic Fertilizers
- Apr 07, 2017 -

1. See whether the organic fertilizer maturity certification

Amino acid organic fertilizers must be fully decomposed before they can be sold, and non-decomposed amino acid organic fertilizers can not be used for agricultural production. And most of the amino acid organic fertilizer on the market are not exhausted, can be identified through the smell, and see whether the organic maturity certification.

2. Taste it

Now a lot of fertilizer on the market by adding bentonite, bentonite cost is low, identify the easiest way to use bentonite is to use the mouth taste, if the taste is very bitter, that fertilizer more bentonite, if the taste of food, Indicating that the fertilizer is more formal.

3. Pinch fertilizer test feeling

Because the amino acids are extracted from the food, open the fertilizer bag, grab a fertilizer clenched in the hands, pinch the same as the feeling of cheese slippery, indicating that the product adulterated less; if the feel is very rough, that adulteration Very serious.

4. Look at the price of fertilizer

To 40 kg of amino acid organic fertilizer, for example, plus some of the fees, the price should not be less than 70 yuan, if found lower than this price, we must carefully weigh it.

5. Look at the fineness of the fertilizer

The true amino acid organic fertilizer particle size is basically more uniform, if you see the fertilizer particles are different, indicating that the fertilizer added to other raw materials. In addition, can also be identified by color, formal amino acid organic fertilizer is generally khaki, if the fertilizer mixed with bentonite, the color is generally white.