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Application Effect Of Compound Amino Acids
- Apr 07, 2017 -

1, the composite amino acid sprayed by a special process, the volume of light weight, weight only half of ordinary feed, especially suitable for the production of puffed aquatic feed, fish and shrimp, sea fish open material;

2, the compound amino acid can add the most effective 20% nutrient loss in the process of fish meal processing, or supplement the non-whole fish processing fish meal nutrient incomplete amino acid, contains a variety of nutrients necessary for animal nutrition comprehensive ingredients, can supplement A variety of essential amino acids, in particular, make up for the essential feed ingredients and plant feed essential amino acids, the use of balanced amino acid "barrel effect" principle, the other nutrients from the synergistic effect;

3, compound amino acid powder Amino acid contains a variety of nutrients by microbial fermentation was ion state completely dissolved in water, which is conducive to aquatic animal absorption and utilization, can replace fishmeal supplement nutrition for aquatic animals, rapid growth, special aquatic products instead of fish meal savings Cost effective;