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Effects Of Selenium On Crops
- Apr 07, 2017 -

Selenium in the soil is the main source of selenium in the plant body, and the selenium in the atmosphere is also one of the sources of selenium. According to the absorption capacity of selenium can be divided into selenium accumulation of plants and selenium non-accumulation of two major categories of plants. Selenium accumulation plants are often referred to as "selenium indicator plants". Many weeds and most of the crop plants are selenium accumulation plants, selenium content of not more than 30μg / g, which cruciferous plants on the accumulation of selenium strongest, followed by legumes, cereals the lowest. The accumulation of selenium in wheat is the largest.

According to the study, the application of selenium in the soil or spraying the selenium solution on the foliage of the plant can improve the selenium content of the plant. Since 2000, respectively, in rice, wheat, peanuts and other crops on the leaf selenium spraying test. The results showed that the selenium content was the same as that of peanut> wheat> rice. The content of selenium was the same as that of sorghum.