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Fertilization Method Of Amino Acid Water - Soluble Fertilizer
- Apr 07, 2017 -

1, soil watering

In the soil watering or irrigation, as long as the amino acid water soluble fertilizer mixed in irrigation water, so that the plant roots can be fully exposed to fertilizer.

2, foliar fertilization

Dissolve the amino acid water-soluble fertilizer in water and then spray the foliage, or with non-alkaline pesticides (commonly used in most of the pesticides are non-alkaline) dissolved in water for foliar spraying, can greatly improve the crop absorption of fertilizer The use of efficiency, while also saving crop nutrients in the plant within the transport time, more effective. The

3, drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation and soilless cultivation

Large-scale growing farms, or areas with short water resources, and high-quality high value-added cash crops plantations can be planted using drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation and soilless cultivation. Water-soluble fertilizers dissolve amino acids in water , So that both the crop moisture also provides the necessary nutrients to grow crops, is really "water and fertilizer integration", so that both water, fertilizer, labor.