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How Much Selenium Is Normal For Every Day?
- Apr 07, 2017 -

According to the Chinese Nutrition Society 1988, normal daily safe supply should be 400 micrograms, dietary selenium intake should be 50-200 micrograms. Children, healthy people can be less selenium, such as 20-100 micrograms, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients, hepatitis, diabetes, cancer and so need to fill some.

Organic selenium content and drinking: for example, per kg of selenium-rich dry tea leaves ≥ 1500 micrograms. Take 3-4 grams of tea, into the cup, boiling water to drink, 1-3 cups a day.

Science selenium and health:

Selenium is a trace element of the human body, but the distribution of selenium in the surface of the earth is very uneven, about 72% of the world's soil lack of selenium, resulting in the majority of people lack of selenium, low immunity, induced a variety of disease incidence Rise. "China is a selenium-rich country, the body of selenium is related to the health of hundreds of millions of people in the event of health, we should do as good as iodine supplement selenium work, especially the attention of the elderly," said Yu Ruomu, director of the China Society for Trace Elements and Health. Of the selenium work, it is imperative to do two things, "First, to the popularization of selenium and human health knowledge, so that residents improve how to prevent the lack of understanding of selenium; Second, large-scale promotion of the application of selenium products, Selenium food. "China Medical Nutrition Research Institute Director Ge Keyou pointed out: At present, China's per capita selenium intake should be 50-200 micrograms per day, such as the daily intake of the body less than 50 micrograms long, will induce cancer, liver disease, heart Cerebrovascular disease, diabetes and other diseases increased the incidence of the human body can not be excessive selenium, excessive selenium is also harmful, so the scientific selenium and human health are directly related.

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