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Technical Scheme For Production Of Amino Acid Fertilizers For Protein Waste
- Apr 07, 2017 -

Protein Waste Hydrolysis Production of amino acid fertilizers consists of three steps: raw material pretreatment, protein hydrolysis and amino acid fertilizers.

(1) raw materials and pretreatment

Source: refined amino acid by-product of the rich amino acid composition of the waste; rich in protein, animal waste such as leather, hair, hoof, blood, cottonseed meal, soybean cake and so on. Part of the raw materials need to go through the removal of cleaning treatment.

(2) protein hydrolysis

There are a lot of researches on the preparation of amino acids in protein hydrolysis. The main methods of protein hydrolysis are acid hydrolysis, alkali hydrolysis and enzymatic hydrolysis.

Acid hydrolysis is the main method of production of amino acids, commonly used acid and hydrochloric acid, with phosphoric acid and nitric acid hydrolysis is relatively small. Acidification process used in the auxiliary means of ultrasound, microwave, etc., common in the experimental study stage. (2) The extraction of silkworm pupa protein and the preparation of compound amino acid of silkworm pupa protein were optimized. The residual protein (protein content 64.4%) was hydrolyzed by hydrochloric acid, and the degree of protein hydrolysis was as high as 60.4% under the optimal condition. Li Baozhu et al [3] to soybean meal as raw material, through sulfuric acid hydrolysis, the best ammonia nitrogen yield of 59.9mg / g.