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What Is Selenium-rich Bio-fertilizer
- Apr 07, 2017 -

1, can fully meet the crop in the latter part of the growth and development of the special nutrients needed; effectively promote crop growth, improve yield, stable production, to achieve the purpose of high yield.

2, anti-fall, anti-premature aging: FW1 bacteria can significantly promote root activity, to the roots of deep, developed, widely distributed; plant growth robust, late anti-down, not premature aging.

3, to enhance disease resistance: improve soil permeability, prevent soil compaction; improve root growth environment; enhance resistance to various bacteria, reduce morbidity.

4, fertilizer decomposition fast, easy to absorb, fertility lasting, can fully meet the needs of crop growth and development, fertilizer can be valid for up to 180 days or more.


1, buried: in each crop next to the crop (from the crop 15-30cm) ditch, the selenium-rich bio-organic fertilizer per acre 40-80 kg and 48% compound fertilizer 20-30 kg with the base fertilizer buried.

2, Caesar: in the mention of the seedling period, the selenium-rich bio-organic fertilizer per mu 40-80 kg and 48% compound fertilizer 20-30 kg with the topdressing application. Seedling pay attention to burning seedlings.