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What Is The Amino Acid Foliar Fertilizer?
- Apr 07, 2017 -

Amino acid foliar fertilizer is a foliar fertilizer containing amino acids. There is no national standard. Amino acids as the smallest molecules that make up the protein exist in the fertilizer, easy to be absorbed by the characteristics of crops; also improve the fertilization of disease resistance, improve the quality of fertilization crop function. Supplement the necessary amino acids in plants, stimulate and regulate the rapid growth of plants, promote plant growth and promote the absorption of nutrients. Production of amino acid foliar fertilizer is now a lot of enterprises, more representative of Hefei Hongsheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. independent research and development of selenium-rich amino acid foliar fertilizer, it can quickly enhance the plant's metabolic function, improve photosynthesis, promote plant roots developed, Speed up plant growth and reproduction.